New Features for the DVE Huddle including the “REALroom 3DTM” option

IRVINE, CA – June 15th, 2009 – The highly acclaimed DVE Huddle Room telepresence solution is now being offered with several key options, including REALroom 3D TM for limited unique applications. The DVE Huddle Room, since its launch at Infocomm 08, has been installed throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and soon, Australia. The DVE Huddle Room is a key product that captured the attention of ABI Research who has indentified DVE as the “Leader in Technology” in the telepresence field.


The DVE Huddle Room off ers the best group telepresence experience and is designed to quickly turn any small meeting room into a state of the art telepresence suite. The Huddle provides eye contact with a camera hidden directly behind the large immersive image for the most realistic “around the table” conferencing experience. The Huddle is also codec non-specific, so that it can utilize the codec, microphone, and camera systems from Life-Size, Tandberg, Polycom, Sony, Aethra or Vidyo.

There are 2 ways to create eye contact using beamsplitters. The first is the oldest optical pathway method used commonly in the 1970s, and even decades before that, for interactive TV (see Journal of Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation 1978, Vol. 10 (1), 25-26). These bulky systems required large hoods over them, which created the strange experience of “looking into a box” and being “closed in.”

These older systems reflected the image of the participants, which required increased light to be aimed at participants in order to capture a quality image. Also, these awkward and bulky systems required the camera to be placed on or near the floor adding to their kluged appearance.

The second and far superior method utilized by DVE, refl ects a bright LCD display upon a beamsplitter. The DVE Huddle Room overcomes all the limitations of the older first method by creating an ingenious technology that embeds the camera behind the reflected image in a small hidden camera chamber which is smaller than the width of the LCD image. The result is a wide open image that looks like a flat panel display completely freed from the bulky and awkward hooded systems of the past.

The DVE Huddle Room also provides an industry first “zero frame LCD” image. This greatly enhances the telepresence experience by allowing the participant’s image to seamlessly appear in the environment without a frame around them. Even further, the Huddle Room smartly refl ects the bright light of an LCD display for brilliant images and, also, improves image contrast. This same DVE display technology is utilized for telepresence and editing movies and TV programs by major Hollywood studios.

The DVE Huddle Room optionally converts into the “REALroom 3D TM ” mode for those limited applications where visual impact is important. A very impressive 3D holographic looking image of participants can be presented in the middle of the 3D physical space of the room. Participants appear as if they are sitting just on the other side of the table, completely freed from the appearance of being on a display screen. This implementation is known as “augmented reality”, where video images are superimposed within the real room environment. This “augmented reality” effect is jaw-dropping impressive.

DVE HUDDLE ROOM with REALroom 3D TM option

REALroom 3D TM is actually a very impressive 2D effect variant of the “Peppers Ghost” illusion. This augmented reality telepresence combines optical substrates of safety glass and also stretched fi lm for large room experiences. This visual effect combined with telepresence is patented by DVE’s founders Jeff Machtig and Steve McNelley (notably US patent 7,209,160 as well as many others). Please note that all effects of this genre require room modifications, which includes placing black colored rear walls in meeting rooms. As such, wide scale adoption is limited for corporate communications unless such rooms are highly purposed environments. However, for special applications, REALroom 3D TM used in high traffic areas such as tradeshows, shopping malls, and entertainment destinations can be very compelling. Please be wary that our competitiors who have a minimal 3D depth illusion that combines a reflected fake wall and use the older optical pathway, have the same restrictions.

DVE is well known for creating amazing visual effects for theme parks, entertainment complexes, casinos, and world renowned theatrical events. Combined, the founders of DVE have 35 years of experience wading through the waters of telepresence and visual effects, and they make a distinction between what is smart and practical for corporate communications and what belongs in a theme park. From architectural firms to Wall Street financial corporations many have utilized DVE’s consulting to ensure that hype, from all corners of the telepresence industry, does not cloud good judgment for a wise investment in telepresence.

About DVE
Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. is the world’s leader in Real Telepresence conferencing. Traditional videoconferencing has been proven to be a poor communication medium, because of the unnatural and awkward experience it provides. DVE’s patented technologies have transformed the mediocrity of traditional videoconferencing into an experience that truly simulates being there in person. Achieved in part by optically concealed cameras behind the images on the display screens, this telepresence system is coupled with next generation hardware and software providing true DVD and HD quality images. The experience finally fulfills the promise of eff ective visual collaboration. These unique experiences are defined by DVE as immersive telepresence and represents an entirely new medium for human communication over distance. DVE’s technologies have been deployed around the globe by leaders in the entertainment industry, financial sector, healthcare, K-12, higher education, and major corporations. For additional Information call (949) 347-9166, or visit the DVE website at