DVE has been at the forefront of the conferencing business. Over the years, DVE has delivered numerous Telepresence projects to leading corporations, universities, Hollywood studios, and several Wall Street financial firms. DVE has been at the forefront of new codec technology and most of their installations include true DVD and HD quality. Most notably, DVE was instrumental in developing the world's first digital HDTV Telepresence system now used to link a major financial firm's executives between London and Downtown Manhattan.

DVE's vision has stayed true to the belief that the conferencing business would, around 2010, be on the verge of huge new opportunities. A paradigm shift is now occurring. That shift is away from the disappointment of bundled solutions from integrators and the major codec manufacturers, away from the common set-top box, and away from expensive custom room installations that still do not provide image clarity and correct human factors. Today improved definition codecs, the bugs of IP conferencing worked out, inexpensive T1 connections even to homes, reduced cost for high-end codecs, a wave to upgrade legacy conferencing, and a general consensus that old-time videoconferencing needs to radically improve in order to truly simulate being there in person are all merging together at this time. The conferencing industry is now and will rapidly expand from videoconferencing from a generation ago to the new real telepresence interactive visual experience pioneered, patented, and perfected by DVE.

DVE is a tightly held California corporation and has received private investment capital to expand its operations including launching a new product line. DVE is currently involved in designing, developing, and deploying numerous projects for leading corporations, defense applications, government, healthcare, and distance learning initiatives.